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Museum Without A Place | Interview For Unplace Project

I contributed with an interview for the Uplace Project, “A Museum without a Place: Intangible Museography and Virtual Exhibitions” – an online conversation between ‘professionals who have dedicated themselves to digital art and virtual museums.’

Participants include: André Sier, CADA (Jared Hawkey & Sofia Oliveira), Christiane Paul,Giselle Beiguelman, Greg Lynn, Inês Albuquerque, Jepchumba, Joaquim Jorge, JODI, Jon Ippolito, Juan Martín Prada, Maria Amélia Bulhões, Marisa González, Pedro Cruz, Salvatore Iaconesi (Art is Open Source), Sandra Valente Antunes, Sandra Vieira Jürgens, Sarah Cook, Tanya Toft, Tegan Bristow, Verónica Metello, Vuk Ćosić and Wilfredo Prieto.

The aim of the Unplace Project is to promote a wider and interdisciplinary debate on contemporary art, virtual museums and exhibitions.

Helena Barranha, Susana S. Martins and António Pinto Ribeiro (eds.), Museus sem Lugar: Ensaios, Manifestos e Diálogos em Rede [Museums without a Place: Essays, Manifestos and Online Dialogues], Unplace Project (2015).

Unplace Project (a museum without a space)