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Leonardo Laser Talk: Art’s Anticipative Motive

In this Leonardo Laser Talks talk I explore an anticipative motive in art, which I propose is reflective of an anticipative cultural drive that shapes our techno-cultural reality today.
I come about techno-cultural future-drives, Futurism, techno-anthropology, art’s casting in Horizon-calls, the Ars Electronica Future Lab, What Urban Media Art Can Do, the Metaverse(s), data-driven digital technologies and anticipative media architecture, and a response to Bernard Stiegler’s question: ‘what kinds of anticipation do our particular technologies make possible?´  I propose that by searching for this motive in art, art can help us to better understand how – before our actions – our anticipative emotions and intuitions are deeply entangled with and eventually co-constitutive of our futures to come.
The talk was  invited by Morten Søndergaard – along with talks by Mogens Jacobsen and Alessandro Ludovico – in response to the overall theme of ‘transition regimes: cultures of media art.’
The talk unfolds an aspect of my ongoing research focus on how media art engages with our current co-evolvement with technics.

More about the Leonardo Laser Talk event here.

[My talk begins after 30 min. 30 sec]